Vivion S.A.

VIVION S.A. is an international company based in Uruguay and subsidiary in Paraguay, dedicated to the development, manufacture and marketing of Conatel electrical materials, lighting, heating and air conditioning.

Its brand CONATEL is internationally recognized for its design and quality.

The origin of VIVION goes back to the moment CONATEL SA was set up in 1936, and when the manufacture of electrical materials began in this company, in 1945. As from 2009, former Electrical Materials Division of CONATEL S.A. has become a fully autonomous company which received the legacy of values, expertise and technology from its preceding company as well as its prestigious brand.


Vivion S.A.

Ejido 1690 PB Mdeo, Uruguay
Tel. +598 2903 0314
Fax.+598 2902 3419


Materiales Eléctricos S.A.

Algodonal 2726 c/Ceferino Ruiz
Fernando de la Mora
Asunción, Paraguay
Tel.: +595 21 520 236


The history of VIVION S.A. goes back to the Electrical Materials Division of CONATEL S.A., a company with more than 80 years in the market and highly experienced in the development, manufacture and commercializacion of electrical materials.

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