Enjoy your home with greater security and lower energy consumption, the VIVION intelligent control system is the easiest product to use and configure, very affordable and very reliable. It is an accessible and simple home automation that does not require reforms in the home or commercial business.

Available features can be added according to your needs with minimal initial cost. The command of all INTELLIGENT VIVION HOME products is carried out through its own APP available for download from the Google and Apple stores.

Simple and affordable home automation.
Without reforms.
Increase your profitability by saving energy.
Control the consumption of your equipment.
Make your appliances smart.

Incorporate functions according to your needs.
Minimum initial investment.
All in one App.
Uses home / business Wi-Fi.
Value your property.
With the support of VIVION, manufacturer of Conatel’s electrical materials.

Módulos Inteligentes Duomo Flat - Loft - Duomo






Search keyword “VIVION” to download the App in the App Store or Google Play

Login to your account or register with your cell phone number or your email address.

You can add VIVION smart products in a few minutes by following simple instructions included in the manual of each product. You will also find more information in the installation tutorials on this website or in VIVION YouTube channel.

VIVION Smart Home has only advantages:
- The VIVION App is intuitive and easy to use
- It allows scenes and programming
- It allows to set up family groups so that all members of the family can use the products.
- It is multihome: you can control the Smart devices of your home and your business all from the VIVION App.
- It allows easy control of electricity consumption

Voice assistant

Additionally, VIVION smart products can be activated through voice assistants Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, as well as through Siri or Apple Watch.

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