VIVION Lighting is the product of the harmonious combination of our expertise in electrical control, the technical know-how of our technology and the largest lamp manufacturers in the world.

The category is made up of a wide range of LED lamps, tubes, panels and luminaires, both for indoor and outdoor use, complying with the highest standards of quality, energy efficiency and environmental care.

LED lamps

LED lamps can be used for any commercial application, from ornamental domestic or commercial lighting to street lighting. they stand out for being totally environmentally friendly, due to their energy efficiency, instant start, tolerance to being constantly turned on and off and their useful life.


LED Panel light

La gama de paneles LED de VIVION emplean chip de máxima performance lumínica. El uso de drivers independientes de la luminaria garantiza una superior confiabilidad y durabilidad.Ahorro energético y larga durabilidad: Para el mismo nivel de iluminación consumen solamente 15% de la energía de sistemas de iluminación incandescentes. Vida promedio 50 veces superior a sistemas de iluminación incandescentes.Disponibilidad en tres temperaturas de color (luz cálida; luz neutra; luz fría) para el adecuado confort de los ambientes.

LED Emergency light

VIVION emergency lights have a rechargeable battery that will give you several hours of intense and uninterrupted lighting. Portable and high intensity, ideal for multiple spaces within the home, buildings, garages, public places, camping. It will cover your lighting requirements to carry out your activities on a regular basis.All models are approved by the National Fire Department.

LED Flood light

VIVION LED reflectors have high energy efficiency in relation to halogen reflectors. They withstand rain and water jets, as well as the entry of dust and insects (IP65). Appropriate to be used in hotels, commercial areas, factories, residential buildings and institutions, schools, high schools, universities, hospitals, etc.

led street lights

The VIVION LED Street light turn on instantly, are efficient and designed for outdoor use. These new luminaires with LED technology do not promote light pollution, being consciously friendly with environmental care.

LED solar lights

VIVION solar luminaires provide us with economical and low maintenance lighting for homes, companies or public infrastructures, while reducing the environmental impact.

LED Wall light

LED Outdoor light

Electric Materials

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