Technology and infrastructure to improve day by day makes this possible.

Electrical materials are, increasingly, an essential part of the habitat. The setting of a house is made up of many elements.

VIVION's Development and Design Department investigates trends in the world of decoration, generating designs that are naturally integrated into different trends and styles. Behind each product there is a deep analysis of materials, textures and colors, to make it a tasteful detail that adds to the aesthetic proposal of the decorator. To achieve this, only one secret: live design with passion.

The orientation towards quality is, in addition to a market need, a fundamental asset of VIVION. The strict quality policies of VIVION products exceed the demands of the most developed markets. The design, production and marketing of each product is certified under ISO 9001: 2000 standards. The result is a safe and stable product, providing the highest reliability to its consumers.

Since 2009 VIVION has developed its commercial and manufacturing activities from its facilities in Montevideo, at the intersection of Ejido and La Paz streets.

The manufacture of electrical materials for various markets requires efficient management of three warehouses and intelligent management of the supply chain, continuously optimizing stock levels for a prompt response to the needs of our customers.

Since 1945, the company has perfected the design and production of electrical materials that commercializes around the world, centralizing the manufacturing of strategic products at its plant and developing its local subcontractors to achieve robust outsourcing. The VIVION plant integrates three sectors: Plastics, Metals and Assembly, which together with Supply, Distribution and Administration are the fundamental structure of the business logistics.

VIVION has the capability to modify its products and satisfy the needs of any market through the development of new products and the adaptations of their characteristics to the requirements of the new market. A qualified team of engineers and industrial designers, using CAD / CAM 3D modeling software and laser prototyping, prototype and test new products to meet safety standards and product specifications defined from in-depth knowledge of the Business needs.

VIVION designs and manufactures the tools that allow its innovative designs of electrical materials to be translated into functional and attractive products for low voltage electrical networks, domestic and commercial. The professionals at our advanced machining center, the only one in the country, were the forerunners in the incorporation of technologies such as EDM and CNC machining with CAD / CAM designs.

VIVION has specially equipped laboratories to control all its production and to validate the developments of new products prior to their shipment to the certification institute.